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1988 XXIV Olympic CCCP banner

1991 World Cup Gold Medal

Just Volleyball Men's 45

Japan 1984

2000 USA Volleyball Men's 55 National Championship trophy (Just Volleyball) (pictured)
1996 USA Volleyball Men's Masters 45 National Championship trophy (Just Volleyball) (pictured)
1994 USVBA Mixed-Six National Championship trophy (Just Volleyball/Asics)
1993 USVBA Mixed-Six National Championship trophy (Just Volleyball/Asics)
1993 North American Chinese Invitational Volleyball Tournament (NACIVT) Championship trophy (Just Volleyball/Asics Women) (pictured)
1988 USVBA Co-ed National Championship trophy (Just Volleyball) (pictured)
1991 USVBA Men's Masters 45 National Championship 3rd Place trophy
1990 NACIVT Women's North American Championship trophy
1991 Volleyball World Cup Men's Champion Gold Medal (Soviet Union) (pictured)
1988 Memorial of Savin International Volleyball Tournament 1st Place medal
1985 Volleyball World Cup delegation badge (Japan)
1985 Lorraine USSR-France Volleyball match participation medal
1979 Volleyball Championship of Europe pin
1978 World Volleyball Championship for Women participation medal (USSR)
1977 European Volleyball Championship Participation medal
1976 Volleyball World Championship officials badge Rome, Italy
1975 Volleyball Championship of Europe referee's badge (Beograd, Yugoslavia)
1971 3rd European Juniors Volleyball Championships referee's badge
1961 International Congress of FIVB pin (Marseille, France)
1958 Volleyball Championship of Europe pin (Prague, Czekhoscovakia)
1950 Volleyball Championship of Europe pin (Sofia, Bulgaria)
DADDY patch (Tommy Haine commemorative worn by the Outrigger Canoe Club at '95 US Open)
Major League volleyball (Baden 15-0) (54 autographs by MLV players)
Major League Volleyball (Baden) (All-Star volleyball) (autographed by all-stars)
Major League Volleyball (Baden 15-0) (46 autographs by MLV players)
Baden 15-0 autographed by 16 Major League Volleyball players
Baden 15-0 autographed by San Jose Golddiggers & L.A. Starlites before MLV Championship match
Tachikara SV-5W (5 NCAA men's autographs)
Spalding Top Flite 18 outdoor volleyball (autographed by 6 AVP players)
1995 National Volleyball Association Champions San Diego Spikers
(autographed by Campbell,Dome,Mendez,Miller)
1993 Women's Western Volleyball League San Jose Storm (Tachikara SV-5WA autographed by team)
1984 Olympics Long Beach Arena Original Volleyball Playing Surface #1004
1968 Mexico City Olympics (Glen Davies reffing Women's Gold Medal Match photograph)
1987 San Jose Golddiggers team picture (autographed and framed)
1979 San Jose Diablos Pro Co-ed Volleyball Schedule
CVS banner (Czech Republic)
1988 XXIV Olympic CCCP banner given to Jim Coleman before Men's Gold Medal Volleyball match (pictured)
1988 XXIVth Seoul Olympics Volleyball tickets
1983 Women's Volleyball stamp for 1984 Summer Olympics (USA)
1981 Chinese Women's Volleyball team stamps on envelope
1964 Olympics Women's Volleyball postcard (Gold Medal match Japan vs. Soviet Union)
1990 FIVB 11th World Women's Volleyball Championship t-shirt
1988 USA Valley Ball team t-shirt

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