Paper Memorabilia

11th World Women's Volleyball Championship Programme
Host Country: China
August 22 - September 1, 1990
1976 Olympic Games Volleyball Program, Montreal, Canada
1976 Olympic Games Volleyball Program
Montreal, Canada

World Cup 95 Volleyball

Host Country: Japan
November 3 - 17, 1995 (Women)
Nov. 18 - Dec. 2, 1995 (Men)

BCV Volley Cup
Montreux, Switzerland
Avril (April) 13 - 18, 1993
Grad Prix 1995
1995 Women's World Grand Prix Program
1990 World League Program
1990 World League Program

USA Women's Volleyball
Cover:Sue Woodstra
Autographed by Sue Woodstra
1983 - 84

Official magazine of the European Volleyball Confederation
Cover: Nikolai Karpol
Autumn 1990

Volleyball USA
Cover: "Jenny" Lang Ping
Autographed by "Jenny" Lang Ping
Summer 2005

China Sports
Cover: Sun Jinfang
March, 1982

Canada Cup '95
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
March 30 - April 3, 1995

1991 Great Western Bank Team Cup Volleyball
Inglewood, California
United States
Third Pan American
Third Pan American Games
Volleyball Official Program
1959 Chicago, Illinois

The Second Japan Cup
Host Country: Japan
October 26 - November 3, 1987

1990 Goodwill Games Volleyball Media Guide
Seattle, Washington
United States

Deutsche Volleyball Zeitschrift
Cover: Renate Riek
Donated by Christoph Mayser
Juli (July) 1991

Australian Volleyball Magazine
Cover: Kerri Pottharst
Winter 1995

Sports Illustrated for Women
Cover: Logan Tom
United States
Fall 1999

International Volleyball Association
United States

China Women's Volleyball Team

Volleyball USA
United States
May, 1969

Federation Suisse de Volleyball

Organe Officiel de la Federation

Francaise de Volley-Ball
Novembre 1954
World Cup 1989 Program

World Cup '89 Program

5th Women's World Cup
6th Men's World Cup

Mundo Voley '90
World Challenge Cup '90
For Women
Host Country: Spain
May 3 - 13, 1990

Volley Tech
FIVB Technical Review for volleyball coaches
Lausanne, Switzerland
December 3 + 4 1989

XII Men World Volleyball Championship
Host Country: Brasil
October 18 - 20, 1990

FIVB Official Magazine
Lausanne, Switzerland
Jan - Feb 1996

NORCECA Men's and Women's Olympic Volleyball Qualifications
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
August 25 - September 2, 1991

Euro Volley
The European Volleyball Quarterly
Autumn 1985


Super Volley
Cover: Andrea Giani and Keba Phipps
Maggio (May) 1996

World Gala
Host Cities: Rome, Italy and Barcelona, Spain
October 9 and 12, 1991

USA Volleyball Team
Cover: Dave Saunders
United States
1986 Yearbook

Volleyball Magazine
Cover: Joe Mica
United States
Charter Issue Winter 1976

Volleyball Monthly
Cover: Randy Stoklos (hitting)
Tim Hovland (blocking)
United States
Premier Issue August 1982

Cover: Brent Frohoff
Special Collector's Edition
United States
July/August 1990


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