International Jerseys

Lang Ping
Click this jersey to see Lang Ping, now head coach of USA Women's National Volleyball Team!

Terry Place

Dimo Tonev

Motoko Obayashi

Gregory Chin


Ping, Lang REPUBLIC OF CHINA National team red jersey #1 (pictured)
Sun, Yue REPUBLIC OF CHINA National team red jersey #11
Obayashi, Motoko JAPAN National team black jersey #15 (pictured)
Sarimientos, Abel CUBA PAN AMERICAN GAMES National team white jersey #10
Garcia, Ana CUBA OLYMPIC 1980 red jersey #11
Ratnik, Diane CANADA National team red jersey #1
Shadchin, Olexander RUSSIA CCCP National team red jersey #3 and red shorts
  FRANCE National team white jersey #3
Tonev, Dimo BULGARIA National team white jersey #6 Captain (pictured)
Moser, Ana BRASIL National team yellow jersey #2
Mattioli, Denise Porto BRASIL OLYMPIC 1980 blue jersey #1
Carrillo, Ana Cecilia PERU OLYMPIC 1980 red jersey #5
Place, Terry GERMANY Kathrein Antennen Electronic Bayern Lohhof white jersey #15 (pictured)
  WEST GERMANY 1968 OLYMPIC women's warm-up jacket
  POLAND 1968 OLYMPIC women's warmup pants
Chin, Gregory CANADA Ngun Lam Chinese Nine Man Volleyball red jersey (Toronto, CANADA) (pictured)



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