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USA Volleyball (Indoor)


2008 Olympics
USA Men Gold Medal
USA Women Silver Medal
2008 Paralympics (Sitting Volleyball)
USA Women Silver Medal

Patti Lucas-Bright

Lindsey Berg

Clay Stanley

Laurie Flachmeier (Corbelli)

Karch Kiraly

Kim Oden

Jeff Nygaard

Caren Kemner

Tara Cross-Battle

Ricci Luyties

Angela Rock

Ruth Lawanson

Scott Fortune

Lori Endicott

Dan Landry

Yoko Zetterlund

Jeff Stork

Daiva Tomkus

Gerald Gregory

Samantha Shaver

Uvaldo Acosta

Kristin Folkl

Matt Lyles

Julie Bremner

Ralph Smith

Cary Wendell


USA Volleyball national team player jerseys still to be added to this page.

Robyn Ah Mow, Tara Cross-Battle, Craig Buck, Janet Cobbs, Bob Ctvrtlik, Benishe Dillard, Lori Endicott, Laurie Flachmeier, Scott Fortune, James Hammerstrand, Bryan Ivie, Caren Kemner, Karch Kiraly, Kristin Klein, Tammy Liley, Liz Masakayan, Chip McCaw, Bev Oden, Elaina Oden, Keba Phipps, Pat Powers, Jon Root, Eric Sato, Liane Sato, Teee Sanders, Dave Saunders, Jeff Stork, Troy Tanner, Stephanie Thater, Steve Timmons, Daiva Tomkus, Ethan Watts, Paula Weishoff, Elaine Youngs, Yoko Zetterlund 

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David Hirose was the Director of Promotions for the Stanford Men's Volleyball program during the 2001 season. At every home match he displayed a different VOLLEYBALL MEMORABILIA Jersey at the marketing table, except for the match that hosted a VOLLEYBALL MEMORABILIA Roadshow.
Starting with Jersey #5 and rotating clockwise, featured players are Bryan Ivie, Chip McCaw, Dexter Rogers, Troy Tanner, who is shown posing next to his Jersey, Ethan Watts, Jeff Nygaard, and #8 George Mason Retirement Ceremony T-shirt for Uvaldo Acosta.

Team Cup Scott Jersey

USA Olympic 1996 Jersey

USA National Team Jersey

USA National Team Jersey

Uvaldo Acosta's #8 Retirement Ceremony T-shirt

USA Olympic 1996 Jersey

USA Olympic 1996 Jersey


If you would like to donate memorabilia to VOLLEYBALL MEMORABILIA, please contact
David Hirose at (408) 738-4500 or send an e-mail to




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