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to the online home of  VOLLEYBALL MEMORABILIA. This is one of the largest private collections on display in the world. The collection currently has over 3000 pieces from around the globe, some of which are almost 100 years old. The collection continues to grow, so come back often to see more of the collection as we update and add new features to the site.

A Special Thank You
from David Hirose

When you visit this site you will see that many people are responsible for contributing volleyball memorabilia to this collection. I wish to thank them for their participation in the sport and their contribution to this collection. Special Thank You to Terry Liskevych who has been the largest contributor and a friend to Volleyball Memorabilia.

Become a part of
Volleyball History

VOLLEYBALL MEMORABILIA is seeking donations, but will also trade for or purchase volleyball memorabilia. Please contact David Hirose at (408) 738-4500 or e-mail look@volleyballmemorabilia.com to discuss your memorabilia.

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National Recognition

Just Volleyball's www.vollleyballmemorabilia.com was named Volleyball Magazine November 2002 Website of the Month. Shown above. Click here to see the citation at full size.

USA Volleyball has awarded David Hirose with the 2004 USA Volleyball Merton H. Kennedy / Elmer L. Johnson Heritage Award (left). This award is given in recognition of individuals and organizations for significant contributions to the planning, collection, storage, retrieving and management of volleyball archives.


The VOLLEYBALL MEMORABILIA Roadshow has its roots in the 1996 Olympic Games exhibit in the San Francisco International Airport, where more than 70% of the Airport's Olympic Volleyball display was on loan from VOLLEYBALL MEMORABILIA.

The first official VOLLEYBALL MEMORABILIA Roadshow was in 1997 at a Stanford University Kid's Clinic sponsored by the Stanford Women's Volleyball team.

Four Division 1 universities in the Bay Area were the venue for nine Roadshows which were held in conjunction with home volleyball matches.

Stanford University played host to two women's and four men's volleyball matches. San Jose State University Women's Volleyball team and Santa Clara University Women's Volleyball team each hosted a Roadshow. In 2002 Saint Mary's College Women's Volleyball team hosted the last VOLLEYBALL MEMORABILIA Roadshow in the Bay Area. In 2007 the Roadshow packed up its display cases and headed North to Oregon State to be part of the Fan Fest at the Willamette Volleyball Classic.


VOLLEYBALL MEMORABILIA features the private collection of JustVolleyballStore.com's David Hirose.

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